Safety Flooring

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Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is often the only choice in many locations where Health and Safety considerations are paramount.

Now available in a massive range of finishes and colours, including natural stone and woodplank styles, and incorporating Easyclean technology to reduce dirt retention and as a result cleaning costs.

Allfloors Contracts Ltd can supply and install any brand of safety flooring, including those from Altro, Polyflor, Gerflor, Forbo and Tarkett.

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How it works

Quite simply, slip resistance is achieved by increasing the friction between the foot and the floor. This friction increase is obtained through the combination of aggregates embedded within the floor.

These aggregates are not simply sprinkled onto the top as a coating that will wear off over a short time in use. Instead, aggregates are incorporated within the product’s wear layer to ensure sustainable slip performance can be assured for the guaranteed life of the product. The aggregates combine with the surface texture to provide a rougher, harder friction surface to ‘bite’ into the under surface of footwear when walked upon and create the necessary friction, durability and underfoot safety.